About Wulftec

Easy pallet wrapping with Wulftec 

There’s a Wulftec® pallet wrapping machine designed and ready to wrap any pallet loads. Whether you need to wrap 10 or 1000 loads per day or a load that is unstable, extra-heavy or has an irregular shape, Wulftec®pallet wrappers and stretch wrappers will get the job done right!

Wulftec’s® pallet wrappers and pallet wrapping equipment are ready to ensure maximum efficiency while cutting labor and stretch film costs. Find out more about stretch wrappers to handle unusual pallet loads from Wulftec®


Stretch wrappers by Wulftec distributed worldwide

Wulftec® pallet wrapping equipment is built to get the job done right — load after load, year after year. Designed with affordability and versatility in mind, Wulftec® stretch wrappers can maximize productivity, cut costs and offer years of trouble free performance. Our stretch wrappers and pallet wrappers products are renowned for their unbeatable productivity, reliability and durability. If you need more information about our products or support, you can contact our stretch wrapper specialist.

Behind every meticulously handcrafted Wulftec® pallet wrapping machine are 180 highly skilled employees who work in a state-of-the-art facility located just minutes from the Canadian-U.S. border and 75 miles from Montreal. Wulftec® stretch wrappers are considered to be the best because in addition to boasting European-influenced designs and unique features, every Wulftec® stretch wrapping machine includes AC variable frequency drives, an all-steel structural design and the best warranties available in the industry. Wulftec also manufactures stretch wrapper parts for your convenience