Other Products

Absorpoles:Easily placed in containers to absorb moisture in the surrounding area. They may be placed flush with the contianer so a forlift will not damage when loading and unloading. For a 20 foot container most use 4-6 poles and for a 40 foot container 6-8 poles. This is a cost effective way to protect your shipments from moisture the entire duration of the voyage. 

Pull Straps:Pull straps are a product that D&C has manufactured in Wenatchee, WA. This product is made for the purpose of unloading sleeve or wrapped packages at locations that do not have an up to date unloading facility. The product is made out of seatbelt materil and can be custom made for your needs, from length, to adding elastic or any other figuration to meet your needs. These pull straps are also being used for domestic hauling as well.

Stickers:Custom stickers that can be placed on forage that is wrapped in stretch film. This allows you to maximize your marketing or clearly lable individual products. 

Ziplock Bags: Two types of bags are stocked at D&C, we have one for full flake samples as well as double compressed sample bags.

Fume Bags:D&C is in the process of develpoing this product for our customers.