Our History

Darrell started his first business 33 years ago when he bought his Dad and Uncle’s hay buying company. At that that time they were buying hay out of the Columbia Basin and delivering it to Western Washington dairies. We were working with current D&C customers buying cubes.

Then in the mid 1980’s Darrell started feeding 900 replacement heifers that had stemmed from the hay buying company. He raised cattle for hay customers as a source of feed, the chaff was provided by local hay exporters who are current D&C customers as well.

The market and ecology made Darrell look at new business opportunities in the late 90’s. Now looking to include his son in the family business, he had a chaff supplier that asked what they were going to do. This man handed them a pieces of strapping and asked them to find it. D&C Distributors was born and has been around for the last 15 years providing quality products to their customers.