Monday, May 17, 2021



We are growing beyond Kittitas Valley expanding our territory, knowledge and product through out the PNW and PSW.

D&C Advantage

We provide quality product to our customers, have an extensive inventory in all products at all times. This extensive inventory gives us the ability to have superior quality control and we are able avoid down time for delayed or defective shipments.

World Wide Network

We have manufacturing capabilities around the World.

Sleeve Manufacturing Capabilities          Strap Manufacturing Capabilities         Twine Manufacturing Capabilities

              India                                                                U.S.A.                                                        U.S.A.

            Vietnam                                                           Korea                                                        Portugal

        Saudi Arabia                                                        China                                                          Egypt

             China                                                                                                                                   China



Customers have access to a certified technician that is available via phone or in house service. Our technician has the ability to train your technicians to implement basic diagnosis and minor fixes. 


Our main focus is the hay industry this allows us to be able to find, buy and provide products that will fulfill packaging needs.